Raúl Faith and Light International Coordinator Christmas Letter

Dear Faith and Light communities around the world,
May your small community be like the gateway to Bethlehem: a place
to welcome and care for those who are fragile, to warm up the little one, to
protect the most vulnerable from the storms, to form a family around Jesus

May it also be a place of silence and celebration, of sharing life, faith
and goods. May it be a place where we can support and comfort each other, where we can all huddle together so that everyone can enter, even
those who come at untimely hours and without notifying.

May it be a place of gratitude to God for having loved us so much and becoming one of us, for loving the mud of our history. May it be a place
where forgiveness abounds in the embrace of reconciliation, with an outstretched and open hand. May your community be the place where God
dreamed of incarnating Himself and be present.

Only then, we will truly live Christmas today.
Therefore, first of all, Merry Christmas!
I send these greetings from all my heart to each one of you, to your
families and to your communities.

United in Jesus.
Faith and Light International coordinator