Faith and Light Prayer

Jesus, you came into our world to reveal the Father to us, your Father and our Father. You came to teach us to love one another. Give us the Holy Spirit, according to your promise, so that he will make us instruments of peace and unity, in this world of war and division.

Jesus you have called us to follow you in a community of Faith and Light, We want to say yes to you. We want to live in a covenant of love in this big family you have given us, where we can share our sufferings and difficulties, our joys and our hope. Teach us to accept our wounds, our weakness so that your power may be revealed. Teach us to find you in all our brothers and sisters especially in those who are the weakest. Teach us to follow you in the ways of the Gospel.

Jesus come and live in us and in our communities as you first lived in Mary. She was the first to welcome you in herself. Help us to be faithfully present, with her, at the foot of the cross, near the crucified of the world. Help us to live your Resurrection.


The Beatitudes of a Special Person

I bless you when you take time to listen to me,
because I have things to say.
I bless you when you walk with me in public places,
because I like your friendship.
I bless you when you never say “hurry up”,
because all I need is time.
I bless you when you do not take a job away from me,
because I will surprise you when I get it right.
I bless you when you stand with me when I try new things,
because I know that I can do it.
I bless you when you ask me to help,
because I like being wanted.
I bless you when you help me like the way Jesus would help me.
I bless you for accepting me as I am,
because I was formed In God’s image.
Let us all rejoice, that by giving me support,
you are treating me just as Jesus would treat all his children.

Jesus Spoke of Little Lights

Jesus spoke of little lights,
Candles, lamps, not great bonfires,
Just small steady flames
To brighten some dark corner of the house.
Jesus always preached little –
Children, flowers, sparrows,
Mustard seeds, loaves and fishes.
He didn’t expect people to
Make great gestures.
He knew that little is the currency
Of everyday living.
We thank God for little lights,
The warm smile, the hug, the phone call,
A wave from a passing car, a cup of tea,
An open door, a talent freely shared.
May our Faith & Light Community carry the lamp of kindness
To give light to those in darkness.