Poem from Fr. Alan Mowbray

The poem celebrates a lady in care in England, a
niece of mine, and Luke Kelly’s remarkable song:
“Scorn not his Simplicity” that deals with the
vulnerable people in our midst. 

 ” No way, no way ” no petulant cry
        but strength and half-way smile ,
        a gentle warning, identity to claim
        tho’ vulnerable , extreme.

        Who sang that song to pluck the heart,
        the soul, of ears that heard a Dublin
        gravelled voice explain a plight
        while others turn away, their look a wound
        to gentle crumpled face.
        Fiona’s stare 
        to middle distance moon.

        Overcome she would and knit or stitch
        an understanding of her own
        in loneliness.

        to leave behind
        the blind, the deaf, the lame
        who cannot hear or see or walk 
        the path of soul.

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