Message from our National Chaplain Fr Niall Ahern

These past months has seen us plea with Jesus to pour
His graciousness upon us as a Faith and Light family in
Ireland and indeed throughout the world. We have
been shattered by the news emerging around our
cherished founder – Jean Vanier – and have been in
silent and compassionate prayer alone and with one
another for all concerned with this sad disclosure. Our
comments have been spare and out thoughts deep and
it is indeed Marie-Helene Mathieu who has revealed to
us by her own precise and dignified words that this
moment calls us to a dignified quietude as we hold the
mystery of our love as a Faith and Light family
towards the stillness of a blessed future.

And then God’s graciousness was once again needed by
us all as the corona virus threatened the whole of
humanity and revealed to us the essence of our
vocation as a Faith and Light witnessing community –
namely to appreciate the fragility we each hold in our
own hearts so that we can more fully be compassionate
towards the vulnerability and weakness of one another.
Extraordinary expressions of tenderness have
emerged and let us continue to be sustained as we
receive the benediction of God’s graciousness in our
communities everywhere.   

Fr. Niall – National Chaplain