Letter from Father Isaac Martinez

Dear friends of Faith and Light,
Jesus said: “I am the Way…” (Jn 14, 6). A new year is
beginning for Faith and Light, a year in which we will be led by
Jesus, because for us, “Jesus is the Way”. It is the theme of the
Guidelines 2019-2020. This theme announces the centrality of
Jesus in the life of our movement.
Indeed, at Faith and Light, each community has its customs, its traditions, its
strengths and weaknesses, but its life is centered on Jesus because He is the Way for the
accomplishment of the person. He is the Truth that sets us free. He is the Life given fully. He
is the Light of the world that gives us salvation and that we bring to all those whom we meet.

  • by being signs of hope when despair and anxiety have taken over,
  • by being signs of faith where there is doubt,
  • by being signs of love where there is disunity and division.
    Beside, Jesus, the Way, calls us and sends us in today’s world to help discover the
    beauty of the person with a disability. In addition, each one of us is called and sent to offer
    to all humanity the gifts of the littlest, the weakest. They teach us how to be open to others,
    to understand our neighbor, to accept one another, to respect one another, to love one
    another sincerely and profoundly.
    But let us remind ourselves that we will persevere in the fidelity to our commitment
    as messengers of the good news of Faith and Light only by our intimate and intense union
    with Jesus, because of our confident prayer to the Father and because of the support of the
    other members of the community.
    Dear friends, a new stage is also beginning at the level of accompaniment in our
    spiritual life, with our new international chaplain, Father Marco Bove. I am convinced that he
    will know how to lead us in the footsteps of Jesus, the Way.

Don Marco: I wish you a fruitful ministry with Faith and Light!
Power and riches, wisdom and strength, honor, glory and blessing to Jesus who lives
and reigns forever and ever (cf. Rev. 5, 12).
Father Isaac Martinez, MSA