Jean Vanier. A word from Marie-Hélène Mathieu

Very dear brothers, sisters, friends from Faith and Light and other walks of life…
What a shock, what sadness, when I found out about the behaviour of Jean Vanier between
1990 et 2005. I have been overcome by compassion for those who have told of their awful suffering.

It is true, I do not understand. The man who behaved in such a way does not correspond in
any way to the one that I have known for so many years when we worked together as very close
friends. There are so many of us, especially in Faith and Light, who have been nourished by the
gospel and human message conveyed by Jean. He has done so much good, revealing to us the
beauty of the weakest, devoting his life to them. What a mystery that your graces, Jesus, can go
through us who are poor sinners! I realise more than ever how these graces go infinitely beyond us.

It is not up to me to pass judgement on Jean. Only God knows his heart. And Jesus himself
said to the adulterous woman: “I do not condemn you”. However, I want to give thanks for all that
we have received from God through him. Let us strengthen within ourselves this desire to carry on
working with all our strength on this mission that Jesus has entrusted to us, in particular through the
extraordinary birth and growth of Faith and Light in the world.

You know Lord how we have trust in your infinite mercy. Yes, we are poor sinners but we
have such trust in you! May this trust restore us in your peace. You gave it to your apostles just
before entering in agony: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” I resolutely ask this of
you, particularly for those people who have been injured in their relationships with Jean and who, for
so long, have suffered all alone.

I embrace you all