Feast of Light 2021 Letter From Raúl, International Coordinator

To all communities Day of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Candlemas day, day of the Feast of Light. Light and dark, life and death. When we run out of light, we say we are in the dark and then life becomes very complicated. May your community be a place of light, a home of light, guardian of light. May your community open the windows and doors of its heart so that the light can enter and illuminate each person with their history, with their fragility.

May your community be bright, a place where people meet, look each other in the eye,, welcome with warm hugs, eternal smiles, a place of forgiveness, a table of fraternity and respect. Light from those who see the little ones as great and from those who prefer the risk of forming a community rather than the safety of solitude where no one can hurt me. Do not let the darkness of fears, grudges, silenced conflicts, frustrations, extinguish the light that you are called to be. Do not let the darkness of fatigue and discouragement, of misunderstanding, of the word that once hurt, of sadness, block out the light that the Spirit renews in you every day. Do not let the darkness of sin suffocate the light of forgiveness and the grace of God.

Because the Light, with a capital letter, is JESUS. He is the LIGHT. And if we lack it, life becomes mediocre, poor, meaningless, superficial. May we not miss the Light of Jesus! With Him the darkness fades, becomes insignificant, almost laughable. But we have to do our part, hope, have courage, determination. We must give ourselves the means. And if the light of your community and the light of your heart goes out, turn to Jesus and ask him to give you his light again.

Be light for others in this world where darkness grows everywhere, what am I saying,

Raúl, international coordinator
February 2021