Faith and Light celebrates its 45th anniversary!

There are many events that we can celebrate to give thanks for the gift of Faith and Light that has been given to us by Jean Vanier and Marie-Hélène Mathieu.

When did Faith and Light start?
Was it when Jean and Marie-Hélène met Gérard and Camille Proffit after their pilgrimage in Lourdes from where they came back so scarred ?
Was it when Jean and Marie-Hélène decided to launch the 1971 pilgrimage ?
Was it when they held the first meeting of the international team held on December 8, 1968?
Was it on Easter Monday in 1971 when a group of pilgrims said that it was not possible to stop after such a beautiful pilgrimage?


When Jean Vanier said, be faithful to the Holy Spirit. Continue meeting together in communities of prayer, friendship and mutual support. Organize celebrations, pilgrimages. In a couple of months we will meet again and see how things stand. (Book “Never again alone, the adventure of Faith and Light”, by Marie-Hélène Mathieu page 96).
As we celebrate our anniversaries in reference from the year 1971 (pilgrimages of 1981, 1991, 2001, 2011), this is the date that we must choose as a reference for our foundation.
In 1971, Easter Monday was on April 12th.

On this day of 12th April 2016, we celebrated the 45 years of Faith and Light; we remembered the words of Jean Vanier sending us on a mission to meet each other in our communities, and at the level of the countries or provinces, calling us to organize celebrations and pilgrimages!

Happy birthday to us all!

Ghislain du Chene, International Coordinator

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